Saturday, October 6, 2012


Juliette and pups, they are getting big
Happy puppies

The pups are filling up the tub, this is minus Carson and Estes who were private nursing. 
We are on "eye watch", waiting to see who is going to open their eyes first.  The last couple of days, I have been finding wet spots in the pool, so the pups are starting to urinate on their own - prior to this, Juliette was assisting by licking.  All the pups have doubled their birth weight which is excellent.  We are private nursing the smaller pups, but since I increased Juliette's food to 7 c per day, her milk production has increased notably.  Juli is spending short periods of time away from the pups, hanging out with me in the main part of the house.  She is much more relaxed with this litter.  Auntie Tacara, my German shepherd, came home on Wednesday and great granddam Yuma is coming home later today. 

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