Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 weeks old

The pups are growing up fast and are totally adorable.  They gained around 1 3/4 lbs last week and weights ranged from 5 lbs 5 oz (Carson) to 6 lbs 6 oz (Denver).  They are eating three meals a day of kibble and milk, and Juliette is still nursing frequently.  Juliette is devouring 9 cups of kibble plus suppliments like hard boiled egg.  With the nice weather, the pups have been outside daily this week.  They are quiet, content litter of pups that enjoy interacting with people.  We are starting to do "invasive handling" of feet, ears, tail, muzzle, etc. and introducing new sounds to their environment such as clapping and excited voices when they are eating. 

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