Saturday, October 13, 2012

Busy puppies

The pups are coming to life.  Yesterday evening, I moved the pups into a small puppy pen in my bedroom and upgraded their collars to real snap collars.  This time of year, it is easier to keep my bedroom warmer than the main part of the house, so I will keep the pups in there for another week.  The pups easily made the adjustment, the flat pen floor provides a better surface to practice walking, and easier access for people.  Next bedding change, I plan to bump out the pen to include a small litter box area (crate pan with newspapers).  For the last few days, the other dogs have had free access to the puppy pool/pen, and Juliette has been fine with that arrangement.  Auntie Tacara has been interested in the pups and is helping out with clean up duties, but great granddam Yuma is totally indifferent.  Yuma was never all that keen about puppies even when they were her own, she is all about people.  Nancy noted yesterday that she heard the first puppy bark.  This litter has been exceptionally quiet, but this morning before I got up, I also noticed that the pups were more vocal.  So I tested their hearing by clapping, and sure enough, multiple little heads popped up.  Thursday morning, the pups were a bit fussy with empty tummies and decreased weight gains, so I offered them all a bottle of goat milk.  They all accepted the bottle the first time, and happily filled up their tummies.  And then Thursday evening, I introduced canned food, and again, it was a hit.  The pups are quickly catching on to how to prehend solid food.  Summit and Teller are the most enthusiastic eaters.  The pups are currently getting 1 tsp of canned food twice a day, but haven't required any more bottles.  As of this morning, all the pups weight at least 3 lbs -  Carson barely squeaked in at 3 lbs. 

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