Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lots of puppy pics

The pups have had an incredibly busy weekend, adapting to their new pen, playing with new toys, and hearing lots of new sounds in the main part of the house.  Liz Kaye came over yesterday for their first professional photo session. 

A big tub full of puppies

After a burst of playing, all tuckered out.  At this age, the pups play for 10-15 min then crash for another long nap.

The pups are very proficient about nursing standing up.  Silly Juliette with a puppy toy in her mouth - a true Golden, always has to be carrying something.

Kibble and milk.

Litter box action.  The pups are doing amazingly well using the litterbox, often taking themselves all the down to the toileting area by themselves.  Other times, I help them down as soon as I see them waking up or after eating.  Usually for the first couple of days, I don't change the litter box since the scent encourages additional use.  But with this litter, I needed to do a partial change after just 24 hours since it has been so well used.  Good puppies!

Denver with new toy.  I didn't add any new toys until this morning, figuring I didn't want to overwhelm the pups yesterday.  The pups were fascinated with the new toys, especially those that made noise.

Summit and the toy piano.

Dillon and tug toy attached to the side of the pen.  The pups are already starting to play shake/kill their toys, and are tugging on each other.

Silly Vail.  Vail has some color faults (pink pads/white toes) much like her great aunt Bridget.  The show dog breeders work hard to breed away from such color variations, but it won't affect Vail's potential as an assistance dog trainee. 

Four pups in a bed

Carson sleeping on top of Boulder.

Summit snuggling up to Vail.

Teller didn't quite make it into bed.

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