Saturday, October 20, 2012

Into the big puppy pen

This morning, I moved the pups into the big pen in the living room and the pups settled in relatively easily.  Juliette is such a pro, she is totally unfazed by these transitions any more.  The last couple of days, the pups had been doing a great job using the litter box in the small pen.  With some encouragement, have already had litter box action from Denver and Teller in the new pen.  The pups also received their first meal from a pan Friday evening, and did well.  A very polite bunch of eaters that take their time.  Juliette will appreciate the help since the pups now have teeth. 

The big puppy pen.  Litter box in the upper left of the pic, and half gate with homemade roller bar on
top in the lower right corner
Pups trying out the new beds

Juliette checking out the new arrangement

The roller bar isn't going to contain these pups for long, then will need to upgrade to the higher gate

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