Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One week old

The pups are already 1 week old and thriving.  Two pups weighed in at 2 lbs (Yellow and Dark Blue), and the others are all gaining nicely.  Puppy weights ranged from 1 lb 8 oz (Green boy) to 2 lbs 1 oz (Yellow boy).  They are very mobile, doing some good attempts at walking, and have their eyes half open.  This morning, I added some different textured bedding to the pool, and Juli added a soft toy while I was at work.  Yesterday evening, the pups received their first nail trim.  BioSensor continues and the pups are getting more interactive.  When I sit down in the pool, I now have some puppies crawling into my lap - too cute.  Today, I bumped Juli up to 6 c of food, much to her delight. 

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