Saturday, October 20, 2012


The pups have been starting to look over the half gate, and I was wondering if we would make it until the weekend before moving the pups out of the small bedroom pen.  When I got home for work on Thursday evening, I heard some distinct puppy crying from the bedroom.  I went in to check, and found Boulder loose in the bedroom.  Not only was he loose, but he looked like a stuffed tick.  Nancy said that she had left at 3:15 pm, but Boulder had been out long enough to take advantage of lots of private nursing.  I put him back in the pen, and he crashed with a very full tummy.  When I went in later to feed the pups some kibble, he still was still very rotund and hardly woke up.  Nor did he wake up for the before bedtime bottle of goat milk.  Friday morning, he was back to normal and none the worse for the experience. 

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  1. What a adorable story about butler the dog and pups