Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 weeks old

The Colorado gang are doing great.  All the pups have their eyes open, Summit and Dillon finally opened their eyes just today.  It is fun to see them starting to interact with the toys and each other.  They are practicing their walking and already moving away from their resting place to toilet. Weight gains this week were amazingly uniform, most pups gained a little over 1 lb (2-3 oz per day).  The outlier was Teller who lost out on a day of gain last weekend and only gained 13 oz for the week, but he is currently doing fine.   Carson is still the small pup at 2 lbs 8 oz., but it is all relative - little Carson is almost as big as the biggest pup in Juliette's Musical Litter at this age.  Dillon is the big boy at 3 lbs 3 oz.   Carson and Teller are getting most of the private nursing sessions.  Juliette is chowing down on 8 cups of high calorie food per day, but barely keeping up with demand.  We have not done any bottle feeding yet, but probably will be by the end of the week.  Together, the pups weigh almost 27 lbs, and Juliette's normal weight is only around 62 lbs - she is an amazing mama.  Tomorrow, the pups will get their first taste of a bit of canned food.  

18.4 oz
3 lbs 1 oz
Telluride “Teller”
17.4 oz
2 lbs 10 oz
16 oz
2 lbs 15 oz
13.4 oz
2 lbs 14 oz
15.6 oz
3 lbs 1 oz
12.2 oz
2 lbs 8 oz
15.8 oz
2 lbs 15 oz
17.6 oz
3 lbs 3 oz
16 oz
2 lbs 14 oz

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