Saturday, November 17, 2012

7 week old puppy pics

Pups sleeping by the back door, a favorite spot now that they are too big to fit under the couch
Close up sleeping by the back door

Pups sleeping in their pen

Puppy pile close up

Teller and Juliette

Teller sleeping on the corner of the raised dog bed

Cute little Estes.  Puppy pile up on the raised dog bed.

Teller chewing on Juliette's foot

Boulder chewing on a tail

7 weeks old

The pupsters are 7 weeks old and demanding lots of attention and playtime.   Most of them weigh 11-12 lbs.  Summit has been the fussiest eater and is now the small boy at 10 lbs 13 oz.  Denver is the big boy at 12 lbs 13 oz.  Just this morning, the pups transitioned to eating hard puppy kibble (with a bit of water added immediately before feeding).  The pups are eating 1 1/3 c each, and Juliette is down to 4 c per day.  The big adventure this week was a trip to the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility as part of puppy night for the Love on the Leash therapy dog program that great grandma Yuma belongs to.  The pups were amazingly quiet in the car, and no one had evidence of motion sickness.  The pups are also pros at going outside.  They run as a herd to the backdoor to go outside to toilet and play, and all come back in when called.  Good puppies!  This week, I am starting to do individual evaluations to decide what programs the pups are best suited for, and identify what traits are coming out in this litter. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 week old puppy pics

Unidentified pup under the coffee table.  This litter loves sleeping under the couch, chair, or tables.

Teller and older half sister Alpine

Puppy playtime

Yuma and Vail

Dillon.  The weather was so warm this weekend, I decided to introduce the pups to the wading pool.  Most were not very keen, but I put all the pups in the pool to at least experience wet feet.  They did well with the experience.

Vail was the pup most interested in the pool, and she voluntarily got in by herself multiple times.

Vail spots a leaf

On the hunt

Getting closer


6 weeks old

A belated pupdate - the pups and I have had a busy week.  Most of the pups weigh 9 to 10 lbs, big pups for such a large litter.  Carson is no longer the small boy, Waldo now claims that spot at 8 lbs 14 oz.  Waldo is one of the least food motivated of the pups and still isn't sold on puppy kibble.  Denver continues to be the big boy at 10 lbs 6 oz.  The pups have been very busy with lots of outside play that included some purposeful experience with mud and rain.  The pups are doing great running en mass from their pen to outside to toilet.  When inside, I have been playing sound effect tapes for them.  For meals, we have started individual meal feeding in plastic crates to both control intake, but also to make a positive association with the crates.  Nancy has been working on getting the pups used to wearing a body harness and doing a bit of training.  The pups are getting very good at sitting for attention and continue to be a relatively polite bunch.  I have started doing some individual work with the pups to build confidence and evaluate temperaments.  I have been taking 1 pup into the bedroom and observe as it deals with the new environment and resident house cats, who got the nail trimmed in anticipation of puppy encounters.  The pups have been quite cautious around the cats.  The big adventure was Saturday night when Dillon, Boulder and Vail graced the ICAN Decades of Dogs celebration.  They rode quietly in the car, their first car ride, got dropped off curbside downtown Indy and had their first elevator ride up to the Roof Ballroom.  The pups were amazingly good at the event, "signed" lots of ICAN calendars with their cute little paw prints and helped with the fund raising activities.  I had three very tired puppies on the ride home. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yet more puppy pics

 Half sister ICAN's Alpine (same sire) has joined the party, playing with Teller.
Alpine trying to play with Estes.

Lunch on the lawn

Creative nursing.  Juliette is getting some attention from her breeder caretaker who came over for a visit. 

Silly Juliette. 

Trying out yet another new toy.

Puppy playtime

Puppy recall.  I think this is Vail. 

Lots of tail tugging going on. 

Waldo and Vail

Cute little puppy faces, looking up towards the porch. 

Weekend fun and games

The pups having finally come to life and are acting like typical 5 week old puppies.  This litter has been so laid back.  When awake, the pups are eager to get out of their pen and are getting much more adventurous.  Juliette has been letting it be known that she is ready to wean these little fuzzballs with teeth.  I am gradually cutting back her food while increasing the puppy kibble.  The pups are now eating about 1 cup of kibble each per day.  The pups had two sets of visitors today, and thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

5 week puppy pics


Little Carson

Big boy Denver

Boulder with leaf

Carson and Waldo, a bit out of focus, but a nice example of the puppy wrestling.

Summit with leaf

Teller checking out my shoes

Waldo checking out my shoes

Waldo playing with a weed

Summit stuck in the box.  I was cleaning the pen and had the toys piled up in the plastic tote which Summit climbed into.