Thursday, September 27, 2012

More puppies on the way

End of July, Juliette and I made a trip out to Colorado to meet her latest beau, U-CH, U-CD,URO3 Star Crowned Brule Of Ocotilla CDX, RAE, CCA aka "Brule".  Brule is a certified therapy dog and the sire of ICAN's Avalanche and Alpine.  Juli was confirmed pregnant 4 weeks later and her due date was 9/25.  Being her third litter and I thought a smaller litter, I was guessing that she would be one day late, thus 9/26 was the likely day of whelp.  To complicate things, I was planning to attend the annual Assistance Dogs International Trainers Conference that was being hosted by ICAN in Indy, and was chairing part of the Wednesday session which was likely going to be around the time of the whelp. 

Handsome Brule

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