Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 1

We had a quiet night, and Juli and the pups are doing marvelously.  Once again, Juli is being an exceptional mama and has lots of milk.  All the pups gained weight over night, at least 1/2 oz each.  Yellow boy gained 1.5 oz.  Seven of the pups already weigh over 1 lb, and the two smaller pups (Green boy and Pink girl) both gained 1 oz each.  Juliette's body temperature was normal (it is very common for the dam to have a low grade fever after whelping) and she eagerly ate breakfast.  She is currently in speed toileting mode - dash outside, take care of business, and then dash back inside to the pups. 

Collar          Sex/color   Time       Birthweight   9/27/12
Dark blue         M         6:25 pm     18.4 oz      19.2 oz     
Black                M         7:20 pm     17.4 oz      18.2 oz
Red                  M         7:25 pm     16 oz         16.8 oz
Pink                  F          8:00 pm     13.4 oz      14.6 oz
Orange             M         8:25 pm     15.6 oz      16.6 oz
Green               M         8:36 pm     12.2 oz      13.2 oz
Light blue         M         8:49 pm     15.8 oz      16.8 oz
Yellow              M         9:18 pm     17.6 oz      19 oz
Purple              F          9:23 pm     16 oz         16.8 oz

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