Sunday, November 11, 2012

6 weeks old

A belated pupdate - the pups and I have had a busy week.  Most of the pups weigh 9 to 10 lbs, big pups for such a large litter.  Carson is no longer the small boy, Waldo now claims that spot at 8 lbs 14 oz.  Waldo is one of the least food motivated of the pups and still isn't sold on puppy kibble.  Denver continues to be the big boy at 10 lbs 6 oz.  The pups have been very busy with lots of outside play that included some purposeful experience with mud and rain.  The pups are doing great running en mass from their pen to outside to toilet.  When inside, I have been playing sound effect tapes for them.  For meals, we have started individual meal feeding in plastic crates to both control intake, but also to make a positive association with the crates.  Nancy has been working on getting the pups used to wearing a body harness and doing a bit of training.  The pups are getting very good at sitting for attention and continue to be a relatively polite bunch.  I have started doing some individual work with the pups to build confidence and evaluate temperaments.  I have been taking 1 pup into the bedroom and observe as it deals with the new environment and resident house cats, who got the nail trimmed in anticipation of puppy encounters.  The pups have been quite cautious around the cats.  The big adventure was Saturday night when Dillon, Boulder and Vail graced the ICAN Decades of Dogs celebration.  They rode quietly in the car, their first car ride, got dropped off curbside downtown Indy and had their first elevator ride up to the Roof Ballroom.  The pups were amazingly good at the event, "signed" lots of ICAN calendars with their cute little paw prints and helped with the fund raising activities.  I had three very tired puppies on the ride home. 

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